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45 minute skateboard from design to complete


I just try to find things to do with Maslow😂

I ran over my son’s skateboard this morning, he was super sad and mad at himself. Wanted to surprise him so I worked on the design remotely in Inkscape, about 10-15 min to make. Already had logo so just copied and pasted.
In makecam I opened the svg file from my google drive Maslow folder (cloud is a must.) Threw on a pocket opertaion and profile cut and boom less than 10 min.
Got home for “lunch” and went strait to maslow. Opened the new file from google drive on the dedicated maslow computer. Found a spot on a board I liked, difined home and tapped start ( less time than took me to write this last paragraph)
Pocket op for logo .125” w step of .0625 “
Profile op for board .55” w step .12” (no tabs)
10-15 min
Used old board as template for drill holes
Assembled w power

Project of the Week / Community Gardener for May 9, 2018

Hope your son likes it!


:grinning: This made my day!


I would like to do an entire section on the garden for just skateboards.


What a Father! :ok_hand:


GREAT father!


Whoa, this is awesome!


I never made it off my knees when it came to using a skateboard. I hope he appreciates it nice work


One happy 7 year old! Converted from long board to short(er) :grin:


That picture just made my day!


This is kick ass.


add drilling the holes to the model that you have, and then you can play around with custom logos for special events and so on.

I’ll bet a lot of his friends will want one now!


That is so cool, what we fathers do for our kids. :sunglasses:


Love that idea! And yes one of the kids in the neiborhood saw it and was filling me in on how he wants his :joy:


You aright about that. I made the mistake of showing him the recent posts using epoxy. Hes been tellin what we’re going to make :rofl:


That would be great if he is there to helpand gets involved, I wished my son got involved when he was that young, now he is in his 30’s and married and moved away. :joy::sleepy:


What material did you use for the board?


1/2” russian baltic birch b/bb


Now to figure out how to get a tail bent. Can you form plywood, or do you have to put in form before glue holding layer dries?


Did you figure this out?