Custom 46"x9" 4ply Baltic Birch and Maple Longboard

Making a longboard! A board gets cut in 5 mins with the maslow, way faster than us printing a paper template, and hand cutting it for 1 hour.

Bit: 1/4" Spiral Upcut Whiteside
RPM: 12k
Feedrate: 30in/m
Depth: 0.5"


Here’s us compressing the glued board to provide some contours to hold the rider in.
Really can’t wait to try it out, I’m still so excited that I can design and make boards this fast!


Back when a friend had a table similar to this one. He would glue up multiple flowboards using a foam backing block that gave more creative curves to mold it to and Baltic birch or maple veneers. I wanna say his startup cost was about $100-150. Using 3/4” MDF, harbour freight vacuum pump, and polyethylene sheeting. He could get a better laminated board because of it. I still use a board he made me when heading to the water park flow rider.


That’s such a crazy low startup cost! Haha, and so cool that the board he made is still is providing you with so much fun. Hopefully my boards stand up to the test of time like his!
Btw is that you kickflipping, if so dude that looks fun.

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Sorry not me, just some stuff I pull of the web. Best I could do was carving the wave.


For those of us who are no longer sufficiently flexible or with good enough balance for these types of things, what’s a longboard?

Up here we’d call a 16 foot 1x8 a long board :smile:

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LOL I should just get a 1x8 and attach trucks and wheels to it XD

A longboard is basically a skateboard but…long and more flexible. Usually more stable and with more foot room for downhill racing, longboard dancing, commuting/cruising, and sometimes tricking/freestyle.

If you want to see the best of the best here’s some videos!
Best downhill:
Best Freestyle/Dance:

I’m more of a dancer/commuter.


This is what I call a long board -



A long board for those who prefer to be all wet?

EditL remove not so good joke…

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@Bee haha I wish I knew how to surf that kind of longboard, looks so chill and I’m like right at the beach.
@mooselake don’t worry joke was enough to give me a chuckle haha. Being wet in blood is the reason I don’t bomb hills with my longboard XD

Update: We tested the board yesterday and boy was it bad. It couldn’t turn to save my life.
Figured its because we designed it with so little foot room, we couldn’t lean in to turn without falling off.

So…we made a new design!
It’s an Art Deco and Sci-Fi inspired longboard, and this time with ample foot space!

Another reason I love the Maslow, we can fail so fast now!


I like that AD design. Very cool!

Thank you