$45 shipped 2x14 ft long Nickle plated #25 roller chain to make 12' wide motor spacing

If you want to upgrade your maslow to be able to have better lower corner accuracy by spacing your motors father apart then you will need longer stock chains.

These chains are nickle plated so if you using them in a humid garage or shed, they wont’ rust like the standard chains and because of that they should last longer and not kink as easily. And they are very shiny.

includes 2 chains 14’ long in a plastic bag shipped In a cardboard envelope.
can accept paypal or credit cards. just pm me your email and shipping address.

I bought a big bulk roll and just looking to get rid of the excess.


sold some, have six left. shipping from Charlotte, NC 28273 usps flat rate envelope.

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I have 4 left of these chains if anyone is still intereseted


I’m interested in a pair of these. I actually live in Charlotte and wouldn’t mind just picking them up if that is easier. I’m just getting started planning out my maslow build. Thanks

  • Matt
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that’s fine, pm me your phone number so we can meet up

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