WTB (2x) 15' #25 Chain

I had seen where someone was selling chain that they had purchased in a roll, but I never could make contact. Anyone selling 2 15’ lengths of chain, please PM me! Looking to increase my top beam to 12’.


There are several vendors on e-bay that are pretty cheap.

David Lang

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Heading there now! Thanks! I was looking on amazon but it’s all 10’ lengths.

I just ordered a 10’ chain with 2 master links for about $16 shipped on ebay. I plan to cut it in half and add 5’ to my existing 11’ chains. This might work for you too.


Why didn’t I think of that. That’s brilliant. I only really need 4’ and McMaster sells it by the foot. 2x 4’ pieces and 2 master links and I’m set. Thank you @garrett1812!

I looked at McMaster too (they are my go to for about everything), but the cost per foot was high compared to going to eBay. Great price on links though.

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You’re right! It’s actually double the cost in this situation. I bought 2x 3’ sections and 2 master links on ebay last night for $18, McMaster-Carr wants $40 for the exact same thing. I went with ebay. Mama didn’t raise no fool! lmfao