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7th grade project


I actually learned how to 3D model in Blender at about the same age as your son. At the time, I just made spaceship models and a couple of Warhammer 40k vehicles for a mod I was helping out with. It’s a great program for learning to model, and I’m sure it’s progressed since I last used it.


another question.

suggestions for hanging mount (safety chain) for router?
i’m thinking he needs something to keep the router from falling when hooking
up chains, etc. by himself.


A common solution to the problem is to hang the sled from the top beam when it’s not in use. It helps loading/unloading plywood onto the machine if the sled is out of the way. See my post in To rest or to hang for more details.

The safety chain would probably work if it hung from the top beam and was on a quick-release (like the stock chain mounting).That way, it could be disconnected while the machine is cutting. It would still be in the way for loading or unloading, but may be easier to access than if the sled was up at the top beam.


so far so good. starting to install motors when i left.


Keep up the great work!

We don’t yet have a Unistrut frame in -

Is this one designed from @dlang plans?

Thank you


he used pictures and list from @bdillahu and then modified a bit
based on info from forum and his own ideas.


what’s the diameter of the holes in the brick holder?
he can’t seem to get the makercam to create a cut.
is it a drill instead of profile?

i think we’ve hit the part of the curve that is a bit steep…


iirc 1/4"
not a critical dimension, you just have to have botls that hold


If the bit size is very near the size of the hole it’s cutting, some gcode generators choke. You can make the hole size a little bigger, or lie about the bit size (say it’s .24" instead of .25" for instance). My approach for the brick holes was to use a hand drill :grin:, I was impatient!


he figured out that drill operation worked.


tried to cut sled.
this is what he got.



also won’t center.


Let’s start with getting it to center…did the calibration process go OK?


i think so. he said he did a few times and it finally worked but then it stopped.


Hmmm…can you post a screen shot of your settings window?


will do when he gets back.
time at school is done so it’ll be probably
in a few days after we move home.

felt like it’s a success that he got it set up and
cut something!



it’s working!!!


Woooooooo!!! :+1: :+1: :grinning: Congratulations!!!


don’t know how he figured it out because i wasn’t there but it only took him another 30 minutes.

thanks to everyone for helping this happen!
what an amazing thing you have created.

a 13 year old built his own cnc! never thought it would be possible for me to own a cnc let alone have my son make it. excited for the next steps!


If your both open to it I’d love to do a article in Made On Maslow Magazine on this.

BTW - Excellent Work! Both of you.

Thank you