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7th grade project


It shouldn’t matter what type of usb port you plug it into, unless they are usb 3.1 ports, which are too small to take a usb 2 plug.

Generally, if the port isn’t showing up it means that the arduino doesn’t see any available serial port devices, so I’d recommend checking to make sure the device is showing up in device manager. I’d also reccomend going through the basic troubleshooting steps for any driver related issue, including reinstalling the driver and rebooting your computer.


A few notes -

The Arduino has to be plugged in before opening the IDE. You can check for the port in the windows Device Manager. Look under ports- Com & LPT

Make sure Ground Control and any software that grabs the serail ports is closed before opening the IDE.

Let us know if there is still an issue.

Thank you


Does anyone have the specs for the old bits maslow used to sell?


They were custom made to my specifications but they were basically single and double flute 1/4 inch tungsten bits. They had a 1/2 inch cutting surface which made them cheaper and quieter than most other bits out there.


he never got it to work on his new computer and had to resort to going back to his old one to get his project done in time.