A collaborative newsletter for March

Can anyone confirm that they DID get it?

I didn’t get it because I wasnt signed up. I assumed all forum members got it.


I got it

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I got it!

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Got it

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I have not subscribed. However, what is on the site is dated Dec 2, 2018. Has the link changed?

I did not get it, and have received previous newsletters.

I’ll go and sign up again, just in case

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@bar I did not recieve the newsletter, had to update my settings. Can you post up what it contained?

Didn’t get it.:neutral_face:

Hi, All

I am doing a PR launch for my new makers service next week and hope to get allot of coverage as i did for my last venture…

I am going to include a bit about this community in the article as attached.

If anyone would like me to feature any of their works please let me know.Commissionit-PR-v5.docx (194.1 KB)


From the linked document:
“…the Maslow CNC community, making it easy for everyone to print-produce their own furniture to specification…”
“Print-produce” is not really what we are doing.
How do you envision the Maslow community interacting with commissionit?

Hi, i’m trying to work out how to communicate best with the community, designers and makers to work that out.

Currently, i have asked how :

The licence works is it CC ?

How do I message a maker/designer?

But never received any replies…

I intended to simply contact designers and makers and ask if they wanted to work on projects.

Not getting many responses from the community, not sure why.


You can message anyone on this forum by clicking on their icon/avatar, the pop up window will have a message button in it.

I will speak for myself, but I imagine that others feel the same… We are mostly building our machines for our own projects, and for those of our close community. I think very few of us have plans to be commercial with our maslows, though we might take the odd job, or use it in our existing businesses. I find that I have an aversion to thinking that the designs that I come up with will generate revenue for someone who wants to host them on a website and charge visitors to download the designs. I, for one, would want my work attributed back to the Maslow site so that a user could come get the design for free. If they didn’t want to make that effort, and found a pay site easier or more convenient, then so be it, but that is contingent on the origin of the design not being obfuscated to drive sales.

My take on what you are trying to create (and I apologize that I have not read all your postings) is that it is a paid form of Thingiverse. There have been online discussions about whether Thingiverse should charge for designs and I understand the opinions of those that feel they should get paid for their design work. I even agree with those positions. However, if one wants to ge paid for their designs, then they should not post them to Thingiverse. Instead, they should use a site like Shapeways that has a built in store front where the designers can set prices for their items (and their income is based on their mark-up over the actual printing), host their own website, or enter into a contract with a site that hosts paid designs (which I think is what you are proposing). I know that OpenDesk allows makers to join as designers, and I think that would be where I would go with any furniture design I wanted to monetize, and I might look around for another place to host any other designs that OpenDesk didn’t want, though I don’t plan to make revenue in that way.

I also have no problem with someone using a free design and paying a service or individual to create it (as was discussed in the above link). One thing that I would be very opposed to, though, is someone scraping free designs from the forum and repackaging them into a pay-for-design model without due attribution and linking to original location.

I would definitely prefer my free designs go onto a site that offered them for free to the public and made their money through ads. I can imagine that model working well since people visiting those sites would likely click on ads for places that sell things like end mills, raw materials, and the like.

Two other things to consider are:

  • designs that are developed collaboratively, and how to ensure that all parties are getting paid if only one person uploads it to your site
    -designs that are uploaded to your site that were not actually designed by the person uploading it (or by the person you think made it that you then contact)
    To that end, what is your plan to conduct due diligence that the correct designer is receiving money for their design?

Unfortunately this is not the best thought out reply, but in the short time I can afford to think about it, that’s what I’ve got. And it seemed that you were feeling ignored, so I decided I’d post my thoughts. I imagine that there are others in the same position that similarly have not had the time to both think about and post a reasoned reply to you, but I imagine that the replies will come eventually.

(PS I apologize if I have mis-characterized your goal)


Thank you @Keith for saving me allot of typing. I would have answered about the same, just with different words. What i think i can read between the lines of your post is something that i would have phrased more direct. (Keep in mind that english is not my mother-language)
Perhaps like:
What arrived with me before one of the first beta-tester kits, was the spirit of the kickstarter campaign.
Supplying an under 500 cnc to people all over the world, fully open-source, had a great feeling making me want to be a part of it. That spirit was maintained and great group of users and contributors gathered.
There are hardly designers here, almost all struggle with CAD. If we get 1 or 2 projects designed and cut a month, we are happy. some% of 2-5$ like you can buy on etsy is nothing that could motivate me.
I’m more happy to share for free with anyone non commercial.
Your offer seems tailored for ‘yuppie/hipster’ and is placed among ‘robin hood/indie/alternative/selfless hero’.
I wish you all the best @Commissionit. Study your taget market.
Kind regards, Gero
Link to a respond i liked Commercialisation of works


People are on here either to get help making their Maslow better or to help others do the same. How is your kit from @MakerMadeCNC coming along?

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Not had enough time to set it up yet but have started on the frame, thanks.

Based on feedback i will not pursue any commercial opportunities for the community and will just focus on building my own machine and making stuff…

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Fww - I did not get the newsletter.


I just realized I haven’t received one since below exchange but I heard they are still going out.

I haven’t written one in a while, but I really should. I don’t think the issue is on your end, it’s on my end.

I just worry about spamming everyone when I don’t have any big exciting news

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I figured it out. It’s not a newsletter, its just discourse doing its thing for people who don’t live on here :joy:

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