A laptop known to work with this system

I’m just setting up my kit and I am wondering if there is an affordable windows 10 laptop that people are using that is not glitching out with the Maslow software.
I am not software savvy and looking for something that will download the pythin stuff and not time out on the USB port. Could people post the affordable laptops they are using and that are known to not glitching out so I can go buy one.

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ad all the pythin stuff and work with the GC and firmware etc.

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I use an Asus X205TA which I bought for $160 three years ago. It ships with windows 8 and the 32GB of onboard storage makes the upgrade to windows 10 a hassle, but possible.

It looks like there is a new version available with 64GB of storage which looks very worth it in the Asus E203NA although I haven’t tried one in person


Thank You.
I have a HP ProBook (Core intel i5 7th gen) with Windows 10 for work. I set my kit up yesterday and couldnt wait any longer. I decided to give my work laptop a try.
initially, it didnt work because the graphics card driver only supported open gl version1.
I went ahead and was able to update the graphics driver and the new graphics driver allowed the laptop to talk nice with the Ground Control with a higher version of open gl.
So, another affordable laptop that works is a 2018 version HP probook with the 620 graphics.
You will have to go to the update driver dialog box in windows and update to the latest graphics driver which is the 2018 version. The old driver from 2017 originally on my machine didnt work and I though I was done. But luckily the updated driver makes it happen.
I just hooked everything up and did the motor test through Ground Control and all motors passed.
Next step is to set up a better area for my machine so I can make a plastic cover for dust control.
Once that is done, I will run the configuration.