A list of current modifications

Is there one? I’ve learned about most of them just from reading threads here, but it would make a good wiki page.

I don’t know of one but it is a good idea. The good news is the Wiki is open to editing.


If you decide to add to the Wiki, you should write a summary here with a link to it, this allows searching here to show the wiki content in results.

One Note: When I signed up for Git my account was immediately flagged, if it happens it’s a bug just send a note to the support folks and they will fix it.

Thank you


As soon as my account is unflagged I’ll get a new page up and go through the forum cataloging the modifications that people are using.


The Help in the wiki is appreciated. One thing to note. I linked some pictures back in to Discourse from Git and it looks like the location changed as the links are now broken. I have not had time to go back and try to fix them. I’ve had many people that work with Git complain about how basic the wiki included is. I’ve just been working with what it is. I may setup a different Wiki to expand the capabilities and make a better experience. In the mean time I’d suggest looking at Evernote. It would be one work around t self hosting pictures. I do a lot of work in it then move it or link it elsewhere. it makes working off line very easy depending on your OS platform.


Thank you