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Are there any other options for the Wiki?


I was looking to add a page to the wiki regarding tabs in makercam and wanted to include images. You can only add links to images in the wiki so that means the images need to be stored somewhere. It would make sense to store them in the maslowcnc github, but this requires going through the process of doing a pull request. It’s rather cumbersome to do this and not conducive to real-time editing. I don’t really want to store the images on my own repository so am wondering if there are any options?


We can do wiki pages in the forums which might be easier:


I like that idea.


I made a post in the CAD/Cam Software Tips / MakerCam topic, set it as a wiki post, but maybe we need to move it to a single wiki topic? dunno. right now it looks like it could just get lost in the site’s noise.


It looks fantastic! I pinned it so it will stay on top


What about making a wiki topic where such things can be placed and have them all in one location?


That is a fantastic idea @madgrizzle. What does everyone think? Are we getting too cluttered with topics or is there room for one more?


Is there an option for super-categories? All of the software tools topics (Sketchup, FreeCAD, MakerCAM) could be grouped, for example.


I like the idea of the wiki in the forums, because then people who are using the wiki will become familiar with the forums and vice versa.


Those are all sub categories of “CAD/CAM Software Tips” topic. I think we could make a table of contents wiki post that has links to all the other posts and have it orgnanized however it makes the most sense…

As for the current wiki, I find it very confusing/disorganized/mind-bottling so tend to avoid it.


I’d like to explore that, because if you find it so,surely others do as well. What things do you find most confusing / disorganized / counterintuitive?


I like that, a wiki category, a table of contents post stickied, and all the wiki posts under there (maybe in sub categories).

I already made a wiki post :slight_smile:


To make a wiki post in the forums, you just type what you want, attach the photo’s you want and it’s there.

For the wiki you have to first upload your pictures somewhere, then copy some code that you don’t understand from another page. Then type some text and hope you’re doing everything right.

Also the forum is more easy to use on a phone.


There are six pages in the Wiki category to date (not counting “About the Wiki Category”). So people seem to be willing at least to try it. At some point, some point soon I would suggest, we should commit to the Wiki category, to keep the existing Wiki site, or to try to maintain both. I personally think the third option is a bad idea, but it’s an option. Since I’m the resident pollmaster, here’s a poll.

  • Keep the separate Wiki site
  • Switch to the Wiki on the forums
  • Maintain both
  • Hold on there, Bucko, it’s too soon to decide

0 voters

Do we have the option to combined threads?

I was hoping to do more than the little I have in putting info here, but some life issues (mostly recovering from three lightning stikes in four weeks that each knocked out my internet) have hindered me.


@madgrizzle, sorry to hear about your lighting damage. I am starting to believe that Florida truly is the lighting capital of the world. I know at least 3 friends or neighbors who have endured direct strikes on their homes.

Personally been closer than I like to remember several times. One of those times in my youth playing football in the park, as we lined up for a play, we noticed each others hair standing straight up in the air from a static charge, a second later the lighting struck a metal fence within 30 meters… game over! :fearful:


Yeah, it can be scary. Practically the identical thing happened to me and my college buds… except it hit a large oak tree about 30 yards away (we were playing football in the rain). We never played in the rain again.


I voted for Bucko as I can’t see a menu structure. The minimum would be sub-categories like we have in Software. I do not see a benefit in trying to find information in a long list of posts that I need to scroll.
I’ll try to find some time and play with a mind-map and hopefully can come up with menu that helps you get to the desired information with 3 or 4 clicks.
How many sub-categories can we create and can they have subs as well?


I envisioned a sticky first post that has a table of contents and links to all the posts in this category. You could also do sub-categories, but a toc seems to minimize the need for it.

The main reason I asked for an option for the wiki was that the current wiki is not very user-friendly to edit, particularly if you want to add images. I’m open to anything, just would like editing to be easier.


For what it is worth I downloaded as a Markdown editor and with nesting that seem to work nice. Will test in the next post to see how it looks here.