We can have Wiki posts!?!

I was doing some unrelated research into how the forums work and I discovered we have the ability to make Wiki posts. Only users with a trust level of 3 (so the regulars) have the power to create Wiki posts, but once created they can be edited by anyone with a trust level of 1 (which is almost everyone).

Wiki posts seem like a great resource that maybe we should use more!

Feel free to edit this post if I’ve missed anything :grinning:

You can make a post a wiki post by clicking the wrench at the bottom and choosing the make wiki option.

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This seems like a better long term option than the cobbled together github wiki.

Github’s main drawbacks being:

  • it’s a separate wiki per repository. Current Projects don’t necessarily line up/overlap exactly to needed wiki topics. difficult to navigate for new users.

  • no media hosting for picts etc. we’ve already lost linked pictures because of this.

I suggest creating a new topic category “Wiki - FAQs - Information Repository” and perhaps tightening the permissions beyond ‘newbs can edit’ (at least until populated) and moving the Github wiki.

My only major concern would be that we really want a format that allows a more traditional central homepage/table of contents and I don’t know enough about a Discourse wiki to know if we can break out of the ‘topic+thread’ format.

IMHO, the ideal wiki would read like a typical “owners manual” is organized, just with more ’ these are unexplored directions’ and ‘use specific’ type rabbit holes.


Just make sure we have a reasonable way to get the raw pages out to convert them
to a different wiki system in the future.

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I spotted that option a few times but it wasn’t clear to me how to use it, and i’m still a bit puzzled about it. Sometimes it’s there other times it’s not…

The poll feature is a bit more intuitive