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A note about the wiki category


Being a wiki, the posts can be edited by anyone. If you see something wrong or have information to add, please feel free to edit it. I’d like to keep “discussion” regarding a topic in the rest of the forum and just leave the wiki as a place to find information… if you follow. If you can’t edit the post (because it’s just a link to something else, like the community garden), feel free to reply to the post and put your information there… Thanks!


If you’re reading this, and you have a (functioning) MaslowCNC Machine, THIS MEANS YOU!



Well, does @dlang actually have a functioning Maslow?

And as this thread really isn’t a “wiki” post, I’m replying :slight_smile:


developers excluded from the more generally intended call to action.


no (although I’m the type of guy who has things apart half the time as they are
being ‘improved’ as well :slight_smile: )

David Lang