A Simple Night Stand

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I downloaded the files for the night stand. I think the .svg files that are in the package may be for a different stand or I may not understand how this stand goes together. Does this top and leg look right to you?



Oops!! That’s Hannah’s night stand.

I’ll take down those files.

I don’t have Sketchup anymore to generate new SVG files from the sketchup model, would anyone else be willing to do it?

I can do it tonight around 6pm central time.


Sketchup files are also Hannah’s night stand.

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Darn! Let me see if I can track down my files then!

I might just re-draw it :roll_eyes:

Thanks for checking!

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I redrew this guy in OnShape


I added an “aligner” underneath which locks the legs in place…I never had any issues with them rotating with the old design, but I like the idea that they can’t rotate now:



I promised a friend who is a professional window display designer that I would cut out a lot of octagons this afternoon, but as soon as the machine is free I will cut one of these out to verify that it all goes together and then post everything

Edit: Here is the link: OnShape


I’ve updated the files for the new version!


Whats the hive cutout in the back?

I was helping a friend out with a window display and she just asked for like 100 hexagons


My wife needed a better place to sit for guitar lessons :slight_smile:
Thank you, @bar!

Edit: (I forgot a picture!)

She mixed acrylic paint and then poured it on the top. Took a long time to cure but it looks cool! I didn’t use the three holes in the top instead used lots of glue and nail gunned the crap out of it :smiley: I’ve been needing to dip the tips of the legs in the plastidip that I have, which is the perfect blue to match the stool.

The top of the legs that attach to the seat are a bit thin for the weight of an adult. I cut another one that is beefier but haven’t had time to put it together.