Abide in Me Plaque for my wife

Many people say the saying HAPPY WIFE HAPPY LIFE. Well I take it serious. When I start something new in my shop, I always make sure the first thing I make with a new machine or new tool is for my wife (and I guess the majority of my builds) anyways with that in mind This is my first real project actually the 3rd cut on my machine but the first thing that will go on the wall. I am still learning but making great progress. I actually was able to use multiple bits 90 degree v-cut, 1.8mm, 1/8" and 1/4". I will probably do this cut again when I get my 30 degree bit in the mail to make the roses cleaner. Enjoy

This first picture is after the 90 deg V Cut on the roses and the John 15:4 and the 1/8" cut on the main letters (just the outline of the inside)

This picture is after the 1.8mm cut around the same letters to sharpen them up and cut the areas that was to small for the 1/8" bit… Look at the loop in the M and the tail of the E and the N in the word “IN”

This picture is finishing up with my 1/4" to pocket out the remaining material in the letters

This picture is all the bits I used minus the 1/4" bit