Dog leash holder

So the in-laws got a new puppy, i thought it would be a good time to show the girlfriend that i can make stuff for her too on my (our) Maslow.
Used a v-bit for the letters, and a maslow 1/4 single flure for the contours. Idid 3 tests and got no burning, but i on the final part there was burning :frowning: still good enough ro impress the girlfriend.
Design flow was, find silhouette picture online, trace bitmap in inkscape. And then make gcode in easel
The letters were more of a problem, i ended up with finding a real narrow font, type it in word, printscreen, paste in paint, copy paste to inkscape, trace bitmap, put in easel.

I wanted to use fusion, but that didn’t work out. I can get an svg i made in inkscape this way imported, then extruded it. But if i try to go to the cam step, it makes wierd toolpaths.

My eldest daughter’s best atempt at a spontanious smile, i got to take the blame for that one :slight_smile:


My goodness that puppy is adorable :heart_eyes: