Wedding plaque first project

First successful cuts with new frame and linkage kit. Used F-Carve to generate tool path. Using Fusion 360, Inkscape, and MakerCAM in my work flo.


Good job. This is an amazing first project. I look forward to see what you make.

Wow, that looks fantastic!

Looking GOOD!! I’m looking forward to seeing what else you make too.

Did you cut the logo directly from the community garden? (just curious if folks are using it)

Thanks for the encouragement Bar. I did cut the logo straight from the G Code file on CG thank for uploading it there for us to show off.

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I really like your counterweight system!

Thanks. I posted more details of it in the top bar thread

What bit did you use for that?

I used a 60 degree 1/4 v bit I bought off ebay. The bit is actually reversable with 90 degrees on other end. I’ll look for the ebay link for you


Thanks, I appreciate that. I look forward to hearing about the link.

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Here it is. I also got an 1/8" bit with 1/4" shank from them

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