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A rocking Elephant for small kids (pdf & dwg)
Respect to Jmesman, thanks for sharing.
Licence: []


Huge variation of what can be done with creativity and CNC
Respect to Tom Kluyskens, thanks for sharing
Licence: All Rights Reserved

(Parental advise on this one! Please do not create gaps were little hands can get trapped)
A great source of inspiration though

flicker album


How to make (almost) anything (bending plywood sheets) and a rocking chair
Respect to Kristin Zimmerman, thanks for sharing
Licence: unknown (please research)


Linux, pdf2svg (is in my ubuntu mate packages, not tried yet!)
I think it’s worth an investigation.
Respect to … hmm?
Licence: Something with a gnu I guess


Scorch Works has some amazing tools like the Gcoderipper and F-Engrave


A huge resource of calculators for all kind of stuff.
I used the G-Code tool path for drilling multiple holes with great success. (pecking)


A collection of Python scripts that generate simple G-Code
A bezel like you would see on the front panel of a stereo around the volume control knobs is only one of them.



Amazing find by @xrok1 and shamelessly copied here :slight_smile:

Bending plywood example and calculator.
Link for kerf calculating:


CNC Workstation (pdf and svg)
Respect to Windell Oskay, thanks for sharing.


An interesting app using Processing to adjust a Maker Bench in length, width, height and material thickness, before exporting to a dxf.
Respect to Anna Kaziunas France, thanks for sharing.

Instructions: cnc-maker-bench
The files to run in Processing:
How the app looks:


Mattermachine looks cool, but I’m not sure it is finished :thinking:
It takes a certain browser to run, I got the online app working on Mac with Safari after installing Unity Web Player.
No idea how to use it, it’s cool never the less.

The online app is here:
Edit: Another picture from the presentation mode.

MatterMachine discussion

Fun with numbers. A page with measurements as a guide for seating designs:



@Gero, Great information, but they forgot the drink holder. :slight_smile:


I just stumbled across this and it looks pretty darn cool!