Absolute newbie, need help getting from dfx files to gcode

I’m totally new to CAD and Maslow. I want to be able to cut out this desk to start with:

That looks like a relatively easy design to me. I’m also looking at some of the designes from opendesk, but the look a little complicated to start with. Is there anything comparable to simplify 3d for CNC?

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I took a look at the dxf file. There is text to be removed and cuts are on different layers colour coded.
You don’t need 3d for CNC. 2D (or 2 1/2 if you count pockets).
You could use bCNC to go from dxf to gcode, or freeCAD, or Fusion 360.



I’m checking out freeCAD now, do I need to add tabs to this to hold the pieces in place?


Yes, tabs are highly recommended (you could also use sunk screws if the know where the bit will not pass). I even use them for small parts, as they can block the vac pipe, or get jammed with the bit and ruining cuts.