Accuracy in corners

I know it has been talked about in the past. But I was wondering what that accuracy is now in the corners with a Maslow? I am basically going to be using it for decoractions or other items that have a little give in the accuracy.

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We can’t answer that. We can approximate & I bet @Dlang will be able to give you some guidance. I say this because it depends on how you build your Maslow. There are too many variables in how and what you choose to make your Maslow frame.

Thank you

we don’t have a really good answer, we think we are around ±1mm in the corners
with a well build and calibrated frame.

but more testing is needed (especially with the new ring mount)

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Awesome so it shouldn’t be a drastic difference for what I will be doing with it. I can understand how it could be for some. Thanks

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