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Sense check - smaller frame

New guy here; Hi!

I am excited to get my Maslow kit. Being a computer CNC kinda guy, I’m pretty comfortable and got all the electronics running quickly - what I’m asking is for a sense check on my planned smaller frame.

I’ve done the math and everything to check out, but experience often beats math. I’m going for a 5x4 foot (trying to be empirical for you blokes in the US) with an 8 foot top bar, 18 inches above the cut area.

The numbers look like this:

If I’ve done my research right, @bar you numbers say I’m in a good space. I have limited space and, being in NZ, will be going the Bosch route. < bad joke

Welcome any suggestions for improvement! For context, I really on have that width to play with, my workshop is in a very confined space but a 5x4 cut area should do everything I need.


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That will be better than the stock frame, but not as good as a stock frame with a 12’ top beam, if you can make your motors any further apart, it will significantly help that min force value, which will help in the bottom corners.

Thanks for the quick reply @bar !

What would be your gut-check min force number? I think a guiding number could make the spreadsheet a more useful guide. Loving it so far!


the higher the better :slight_smile:

unfrotunantly it’s not a hard cut-off, it’s a matter of the higher it is, the
more accurate it is in the bottom corners (and the faster you can move)

an extra foot on each side roughly doubles this value.

That said, you need to fit the machine in the available space, but the wider you
can make it the better.

David Lang

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@dlang is right, it’s not a hard cutoff. Higher is better, but it will depend on things like the weight of your sled. I actually don’t think I made that spread sheet :grinning:

Also, you have a 6x4 workspace in the spreadsheet, not 5x4. That might help your values.

Thanks @garrett1812 just waiting on my final sled weight now, but numbers are looking good. The frame will be last; I think this is a sensible move so I can dial in all my parameters.

Modding the router today, and a MASSIVE thank you to @Ned and his ingenious Bosch 1200 hack. Works like a charm, I just need to be bold and take the handles off now.

Loving my Maslow adventure so far! Much respect to the community.