Maslow advice..future maslow pro

Hey Maslow Community. I am eager to get a Maslow but I have to say I am intimidated by threads talking about adjusting code wrong chain lengths and also people having trouble with the Z-axis… thats just a start.
Once you get a maslow is it fairly simple to get it up and running to make basic stuff? I understand there will be a learning curve, i am just a little scared of all the little things going wrong and or me having to mess with any programming… help please!!

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Welcome to the forum!
MaslowCNC is under active development and has improved allot in the 15 months since I have joined.
If you are confident in building a frame I would say go ahead. There is a strong community that will help on anything you might get stuck with. You can contribute in telling what can be improved in the documentation and every feedback is welcome. There is no need for you to deal with the programming or the code. The learning curve is more on the CAD/CAM side and yes, a little on get your machine dialled in. Seems you picked a few extremes to scare you. I’ve measured my chains today and they have no noticeable difference in the length and running in the heavy weight class and having a few stress tests on the way this supersized me a bit. You are free to experiment, but if you stick with the standard you will be fine. Just take best care in working accurate on the frame and the sled and you will cut amazing things.


Okay thanks for the clarity. Does the Maslow come with the z-axis and ring system or are those separate purchases?

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They are now included in the base kit. The Z axis was added a few weeks back and the ring kit was included I believe starting early 2018.

Thank you

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Have you guys ever cut thin sheet metal with this bad boy?

I’ve cut 0.040" aluminum with mine, and I’m not the only one who’s tried aluminum machining. I haven’t tried steel yet, so I’m not sure about harder metals.

Thread of the project:

you can cut anything you can cut with a router.

Aluminum is common, it’s possible to do steel, but not well as you have to move
very slowly, and you don’t have cooling on the bit.

David Lang

If you are really intending on cutting metals, I would recommend building your sled around a proper, speed-controlled CNC spindle rather than a wood router. The latter are optimized for wood cutting which requires higher RPM. Cutting metal with high RPM is a great way to generate friction -> heat -> bad results.


I would say aluminum, brass and copper would be the 3 metals most suitable for maslow.
Cutting steel sheet metal unless extremely thin like 0.5mm or thinner (havent tried, just conjecturing) woudl be near impossible. I have done it by hand and the amount of rigidity and pressure you need is far more than the maslow can comfortably do.

How long is the wait for a maslow batch? The PTA group finally got the cash to buy one for my daughters school and i went to purchase and they are sold out. I read the news letter and it did not sound like they are going to have more anytime soon… if ever, they mentioned making parts available.

I believe all the parts are currently available to purchase online except the motor shield (circuit board) and the ring mounting kit, but you can use the alternative arm linkage kits people sell. Username Bee is getting some motor shields made in china in about 2 weeks. if I were you I would snag the chain motors and z axis motor now as those parts are the hardest to get.

It might seem inconvenient, but Others have pointed out you actually save money by buying all the parts separately.

good luck.

Here is all that is showing up in the store.
Z axis (1 in cart)
Chain (2 in cart)
Base machine motor (2 in cart)

What about all the screws and S hooks, bungee cord, cables for the circuut board?

Is there a list of everything i need?

All the screws at local hardware store or
Not sure where to buy the cables from yet. Having fun yet? I think this buy your own thing will get easier in time as more people give good links right now it’s a mess
Check out now as those core components are what’s really needed

Is there a spec sheet for all the bolts and nuts?
Length of bungee?

I have seen pics but those dont help me much.

Also when those new boards come in do they come with the cables?

Above Has mechanical parts but not electrical parts like cables

I’d search for a used kit if I were you. Right now one has to do a lot of homework to find all the individual pieces

Shoot us an email, we usually don’t charge schools ( The whole point of the project is to encourage people like your daughter to learn to use CNC. We’re sold out, but I bet we can piece a machine together for a good cause.