Setup for small frame

I have built a 48 x 48 frame and am having problems calibrating the Maslow. Please help.

Thank you

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Can you tell us more? Which step are you on? What is happening?

I just found webcontrol.

I went through all the the steps in ground control. When I select home the carriage will not move higher then the bottom of the frame. I controls will not move the carriage to the center of the waste board.

What kind of machine do you have? Is it a Maslow4?

The original Maslow

Gotcha, those are a copy of a design that we sold years ago now sold by a company called MakerMade. They are putting our name on their products even though we’ve asked them not to.

I haven’t personally used Webcontrol so I’m not much of an expert, but you may be able to find someone here who has and can help. It is also probably worth contacting MakerMade directly to see if they can help.

Thank you. Can ground control help me?

I think that web control is better in pretty much every way so I would stick with it. It’s been seven years since I last used Ground Control so my memory there is pretty hazy.

Can you tell us specifically what issues you are having?

Does MakeMade provide a guide for doing the calibration process? If so what step are you stuck on?

I found settings in the web control that might help me.
Thanks for your help. I will tell you if it works.


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when you say it’s the original maslow, where did you purchase it from? If this is the makermade copy of the original machine, I’m not sure that it works with groundcontrol or webcontrol (they used a different controller and software)

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Bought about 5 years ago. Had it working on ground control back then

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Ok, that should be the original Maslow that @bar sold and should work with Webcontrol just fine.

Ask away with whatever issues you have

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Thank you

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It is asking to go to action, chain length. I cannot find where I put out the chain length

when you first setup the machine, it has you attach the chain and feed it out.
When you finish that, you want to mark the link of the chain that’s at the 12
o’clock position so that you can skip feeding the chain out again from scratch

by default this is at a distance of 1651mm but you can change that for a smaller

David Lang

I have marked the chains. Is the 1651mm the length of each chain? If so, where do I change the default setting?