Accuracy problem Load calibration benchmark

After Finishing the calibration process. I did a test cut a square 15x15 inch. I did draw the square in Makercam did profile operation and exported the gcode.( I did not change the resolution to 96) Because I did not use Inkscape.
Here is the result
Top left to top right is at 15 inch
Bottom left to bottom right is at 15 inch
Top left to bottom left is at 14 7/8 inch
Top right to bottom right is at 14 7/8 inch

Also I did the load calibration benchmark
All the vertical lines are at 1905mm
But the 900 are all at 891mm

I would consider checking out WebControl and the holey calibration process. Many people find it to be more accurate.

Also find a different CAM program, makercam is written flash which is dead or dying (it’s an exploiter’s paradise). I prefer Carbide Create (yes, it handles 48x96) but there are many other available alternatives. Each has their own evangelists, it"s all subjective