Acrylic cutting

Do somenine have a video for the maslow cnc cutting an acrylic board for a neon design ?


I’m not aware of anyone with the new Maslow 4 having posted about cutting acrylic, but I know some posts have been made by users with the older Maslow design, which moves slower, so it may not cut as cleanly. Your request (cutting acrylic for a neon design) seems rather specific. Were you looking for some feature specific to neon, like through holes for the tubing, or do you just want to see how the Maslow does on acrylic? Also, polycarbonate is generally easier to work with than acrylic. It’s less brittle, so it is less likely to crack.

This topic shows a project in acrylic with the original Maslow. It’s not for neon, but it does discuss how to cut acrylic with a Maslow.


Havent tested on M4 yet but when cutting arcrylic or poly I find its best to use trochoidial toolpaths–otherwise plastic melts.

Estlecam makes it easy

Trochoidal milling is a machining strategy that involves a peeling motion to create circular tool paths, allowing for efficient and effective material removal, especially in slotting or pocketing operations. This method is beneficial because it reduces heat accumulation, minimizes tool wear, and allows for higher material removal rates with less stress on the tool and machine. Trochoidal milling is especially useful for machining hard materials and deep cuts, as it ensures consistent chip thickness and improved coolant penetration.