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Adding second Mac computer

I stumbled through setting up my MacBook air and was able to get everything to work M2. Took awhile because the included connection cord was faulty. I now want to add a second MacBook for another user but can’t remember all the steps or all the websites I found. I’ve downloaded M2 firmware, where do I go from there?

for a second macbook, you just need to load makerverse, not firmware. You will want to copy the .makerverse folder with the settings if they are talking to the same maslow. In this instance, it is a good setup to run the maslow from a raspberry pi and have the macbooks connect via wifi with the web interface and then either one will control it, but it runs from the raspberry pi.

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Connected Mac 1 to Maslow to confirm it found the machine, copied makerverse folder on Mac 1 then moved the copy to Mac 2. When I open makerverse in Mac 2 it does not find the machine.

usb name on mac2 might be different than on mac1, so it may not directly transfer… assuming you move the USB plug when you use the second mac.

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I’ll try both ports. Do I need to move Arduino to second Mac?

So if you have makerverse running on one mac and you use hte web interface to control it from the second mac, they should talk to the same maslow… at least that is how the raspberry pi works as a server. I don’t know if you can open it on the server and then have a second computer connect via the web. Have you tried starting the makerverse on the mac connected to the USB, but not opening the maslow. then take second PC and connect to the maslow via the web interface to the first computer. does that work? This type of setup works with webcontrol, because all computers loading the web page see the same thing. I don’t know if makerverse functions similarly since I only use it in server mode on my raspberry pi. there is no way to load the web page on the raspberry pi the way I have it set up.

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The problem is that the 1 Mac was used to set up and calibrate the Maslow but it is normally about 500 mi from the Maslow. Would I be better off clearing Makerverse and Arduino out of 2 Mac and starting over with setting up the Maslow with the 2 Mac?

I also noticed that when I am not connected to Maslow with 1 Mac and open makerverse, I show a selection for my Maslow. When I open 2 Mac maferverse I don’t show any the icon for my Maslow. Sorry if I am drawing this out and thanks for your help.

the calibration information is stored on the controller on the maslow, not on the mac. the only thing you need to do for the mac2 is add the maslow machine in makerverse so the mac knows what serial port to connect to to actually talk to the machine. I thought you were trying to use both macs at the same time on the one machine. there is a hidden .makerverse folder that might make things faster if you copied, but you should be ok to connect it and go.

Thanks for the help. After our discussion I felt comfortable that going through the set up for the second Mac wouldn’t affect how the first Mac worked with the machine.