Makerverse Version Issues

I have a Maslow Classic from Makermade. I assume it is referred to as a classic. It has the Mega 2560 board and a z-axis motor with the 18" round sled. A couple of weeks ago I got the frame built and was able to control the machine using web control. Over the weekend I installed Makerverse 1.1.3 for windows and am in the process of attempting to get it to work but have encountered numerous issues.
1.A number of button appear to be missing on my workspace. No Homing button, no Unlock Button,
2.I created a test file in Fusion 360, uploaded the code and attempted to run it. I immediately got an M6 Tool Change message. It indicated I should press the resume button when ready but there was not resume button. I removed the M6 line from the code and attempted to run it again but this time the motors whined for quite some time but the sled did not move.
3.I cannot connect to the machine on my phone or ipad like I did with Webcontrol.

Not sure what to do next. I looked for an older version of Makermade thinking this might be the issue but could not fine a download location.

only webcontrol lets you control the machine from a phone/ipad with a browser,
all other control software only works from that device.

David Lang

Makermade is only using makerverse, but until version 2 comes out, I am not convinced Makerverse is the way to go in all instances. What was your reason for the move? Does your system still work with webcontrol? If Webcontrol is still installed on your system, you should be able switch between sending programs if needed to verify functionality. As long as they aren’t both trying to connect to the maslow USB at the same time, you can have them both installed and useable on the same system. I have routinely used makerverse and webcontrol interchangeably on the same raspberry pi depending on what I want to do, just shut down the one program and then start the other.

In F360 are you using the maslow or grbl postprocessor? Did your file also work in Webcontrol?

In order to connect to makerverse on your phone or ipad, which should be possible, you need to have the pendant plugin set up correctly and I don’t know how to do that.