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Just picked up a used Maslow and am trying to figure out a solution for controlling it once I have it ready to go. I have an old iMac sitting around and thought I could use that. I am having difficulty finding the appropriate software download. Thanks.

I just looked at the releases page and I’m not seeing an OS X download either. Can anyone confirm that web control works on Mac?

it’s written in python, so it should.

David Lang

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There wasn’t a release version for a Mac I think because none of the developers at the time had one to build a release on. I believe others have gotten it to work but have moved on to work on makerverse.

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Okay. I have downloaded and installed Makerverse. I have updated the Arduino firmware to v1.26. When I attempt to my machine get the following error message. Although I am somewhat tech literate I am unsure what to do next. What is Maslow Classic v51.28?

Firmware: MaslowClassic
Required version: v51.28
(GitHub - makermadecnc/MaslowDue: Maslow CNC, second generation based on GRBL and Arduino Due)
Confirmed Protocol: Maslow
At Baud Rate: 57600
Response Protocol: Grbl v1.00
Firmware: MaslowClassic v1.26

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get it here: How to upgrade to Holey-51.28 firmware using Webcontrol in preparation for running Makerverse - #2 by zaneclaes

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All I have been able to find so far is Webcontrol for windows. Might be time to switch platforms and go to windows. I assume I need something running windows 10?

The beauty of the webcontrol code is that it is written in python so if you download the source and install the requirements, you can run it on any platform that python will run on including MacOS. Once set up you could also build a runtime for it so then we could add it to the repository and the next guy looking for it can find it… could be a good thing.

Thanks Orob. Although I your response is good news I also recognize my limitations and abilities. I may have to find someone to do it for me or switch to a windows machine.

How much experience do you have with Linux? The thing about WebControl is that is runs as a web server. If you can get it installed on a machine running linux and leave that machine connected to your controller, you can use any device running a modern web browser as a control client. It could be a PC, mac, tablet, phone, etc. In that respect it’s pretty platform agnostic. People have typicaly been using a Raspberry Pi to function as the WebControl server but you could use anything running Linux really.

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Zero experience with Linux. The guy I bought the kit from stated he was controlling the machine over wifi using Webcontrol. Not sure how that information helps but thought I should include it.

Is there a Pi connected to the arduino via USB? you may already have the setup.

David Lang

can you post a picture of your controller setup?

If he was controlling over Wi-Fi using WebControl there must have been something connected to the Arduino that was running the WebControl server. If your picture is of all the hardware you have then that something (possibly a raspberry pi) is not there. so I guess your options are:

  1. Figure out why Makerverse isn’t running on you current machine. @MakerMadeCNC may be able to help with that.

  2. Acquire a Windows machine and run the windows version of WebControl from it.

  3. Jump into the world of Linux and Raspberry Pi and set up a WebControl web server. Having no Linux experience will make this a bit of a task but it’s doable. However, due to the current chip shortages it may be really hard to come by a Raspberry Pi right now.

What board did you have the power cord plugged into? The power cord should be in the top board, the USB in the bottom. I needed to have everything connected correctly to logon, I’m using Webcontrol with Linux/Windows10. The computer can be connected to your WiFi, but with your current setup it will require the USB between the Arduino and computer. I’m still a newbie with both Linux and maslow but I got it going, so don’t give up. I used an ancient laptop from 2010 with Linux installed (Ubuntu)


Here is a link from another post that links ground control for Mac

Not sure if it will work with your board though, I think Eastbay Source uses a different shield than what you and I have.


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The groundcontrol program is a “sending software” that just takes the gcode file and “sends” it line by line to the mega controller via emulated serial communication over USB. The firmware cares what version the shield (motor board) is, but the sender does not EXCEPT in the case of calibration method. For the most part if your firmware is up to date and the device works, your macos groundcontrol won’t care. If you are using triangular calibration your firmware should be version 1.2x for groundcontrol or webcontrol.

If you have firmware version 51.xx from Webcontrol as you mentioned it was running webcontrol above, chances are you have 51.28 and will need to reflash the controller. 51.28 won’t work with groundcontrol because calibrates with holey calibration and that only works with webcontrol and makerverse.

Webcontrol is nice because it has a button to flash the firmware for you by pressing a menu button and all the other options require installing the arduino IDE and downloading the source firmware.

you might try Makerverse, I can’t speak to how well it works as my original Maslow is not compatible just yet.

Currently I have a Raspberry Pi 3b+ mounted next to the driver board/Arduino. it is loaded with the webcontrol raspberry pi image. I can control my Maslow then from any computer on my network via web browser.

I reformat and mess with my laptops, tablets, and phones so much I felt like I was always installing the maslow software and never cutting. The machine is now sitting there, ready for when I want to cut something.

FYI my workflow
FreeCAD → post with the g81 grbl → webcontrol

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