Maslow4 - possible to add spindle control in the future?

One thing I miss at the moment with the Maslow4 is spindle control to be able to turn the router on and off automatically. On my old Maslow, I could take off the controller pins and have an aux outlet that toggles based on the GPIO signal. With the Maslow4 design I don’t think there is any way to do anything similar.

I was glancing at the FluidNC docs and noticed that there is a Notification mechanism that can send events. Could it be possible in the future to leverage that mechanism to build a network based solution to be able to toggle a smart plug on and off to control the router? (Maybe an IFTTT trigger)

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By the way, I thought I’d also mention that with my current setup I also turn on the dust collector whenever the router turns on (the aux outlet generates a trigger that I use to turn its smart plug on and off based on whether the outlet is energized). An IFTTT trigger would allow multiple actions off of it.

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Both of those are 100% possible. Maslow4 also has an aux plug which can be used in the same way and also a network solution could be nice because no wires needed.