Ahoy from Melbourne Australia!

Opening the box on a cold winter’s morning…
(Soundtrack Eagles of death metal and PS Elliot)
Wish me luck!


Good Luck and knock on wood everything will be awesome.
Think about a z-axis upgrade if you have the stock z-axis. It is well worth it.

Good luck, the weather is perfect for it, with the forecast looking the same for another good few days too.
If you run into trouble and need some help/guidance I am in Narre Warren and had mine running for a few years now.

Thanks Peter!
I’m in Footscray (the currently non-locked down one!).
I’m sure I will need some advice when I get to the router selection!
What do you use?

Thanks Superbender!
Glad I got the Z axis version!

Lofty, sorry for the delay.
I’m currently using it with the Bosch POF 1200 AE, but thinking hard about making a Meticulous to mount a 1500W spindle & VFD I picked up, with the idea of making a table CNC.

Thanks Peter!
Work load has slowed progress.
Modified frame nearly done.
Looking forward to calibration.
Keeping my eye out for a high watt router in line with the Maslow recommendations.