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New to New Zealand

I’m in Upper Hutt, New Zealand and looking at getting a Maslow. I have been looking for routers and general info surrounding the Maslow CNC. I haven’t seen much chatter from the kiwi’s in a while. Anyone close to chat? Anyone looking to off load their kit?

I’m on the Mainland, near Christchurch. Not many Maslow owners in NZ in general, but if you are thinking of building one then go for it. It works.

We are using the recommended Bosch router, bought from Bunnings, and modified to accept the Z-axis kit. We bought the whole kit from the US about 18 months ago and assembled a frame from bits of lumber we had. I’m not sure what the current kits look like or how easy they are to get to NZ.

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Great to know you are still there. How much use have you gotten out of the Maslow? Still running great after 18 months of use?

I watched a video on routers for the Maslow last night and I plan to head to some stores and look around for anything new that may be on the shelves.

Yup. It’s great.

We tend to use it in bursts, so it will run for a few days, cutting parts, then might be idle for a couple of weeks.

The chains got caked up with sawdust, so we had to take them off and clean them. And one of the motor brackets requires tightening. But in general, it just gets used.

I doubt you’ll find anything new in the exciting world of routers. As you know, New Zealand stores are quite moribund in terms of seeking out and selling new products.

Hey Cris and Ame, based in Raglan, just got mine before xmas. Ordered the makita 0700c and it fit the kit perfectly. We decided to order the metal maslow, hoping it would make things easier, but so far not so much, haven’t had any support from the metal maslow team as to the setup and still trouble shooting the calibration.

I appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

@walter may still be living near you

@Maui Thanks for the heads up. Just looked into the metal Maslow after seeing your post. Seems interesting. Let me know if you make any progress. Wish I were closer, I love troubleshooting.

@cris2rich4u I’m down in Taita. I’m still working my way back into Maslow. Would be good to stay in touch. Will let you know when I have something to show.

Hi I’m in Whangarei. Bosch Router works well.
Cheers Allister

Hey @cris2rich4u , got it up and running after tapping the z-axis plate and winging the chain pulley system. Seems to be cutting pretty accurately just from dropping svg’s into makerCAM (after tinkering with the profile operation settings) and exporting the gcode into groundcontrol. I’m getting some issues when cutting horizontally near the edge of the board but I can probably add some more weight to the sled or try cutting in the opposite direction to solve this. Overall i’m pretty stoked with the purchase and looking forward to cutting many things.

I’m based in Auckland, using the Bosch POE 1200 and the z-axis kit.
Only use it sporadically on a hobby basis.


You are pretty close, indeed. It would be great to stay in touch.