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All About the groundcontrol.ini File?

I’ve reached the point whereby I’m about to calibrate and hang my new sled arrangment. Many changes have been made since my first frame/sled days and as such I’m wondering if it is best to start from scratch: should/can I delete (rename and backup) my groundcontrol.ini file? Will GC immediately generate a new default .ini file?

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Welcome to the Forum.
You can rename or delete it. GroundControl will make a new file with the default settings.
If you had your Maslow calibrated well it’s worth to keep the old .ini as you can compare the settings with the new calibration.


where is this “groundcontrol.ini” file located? I can’t find it in my PC.

If you are on Windows, My guess is -> c:/users/{your-user-name}
Have not touched win$ for a long time.

Edit: On a Mac it would be /{your -harddrive-name}/user/{your-user-name})
On linux -> ~/home/{your-user-name}

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@Gero is right. c:\users[user name]\groundcontrol.ini

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yay!! found it! for some reason the windows searching tool was not finding it… Now, I just started uploading the Holey Calibration, but it is stuck at this screen (and there is something that says “Fake Servo”

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My guess is to wait for the update to complete. The red in the upper right corner should allow you to turn the “fake server” off.

Edit: Fake server is used to simulate cuts without sending actual command to the motors.

fake servo means it won’t actually run the motors. it will send gcode to the arduino, but not actually do anything.
It is for movement simulation testing. you turn that off by clicking on the menu item: actions-> Fake Servo -> disable fake servo. That red line should turn green. EDIT: if it doesn’t, then you will need to select the correct com port by selecting settings->maslow settings and then selecting the correct port.

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Awesome, it is working now! All is in order and seems to be ok. Thanks to both of you, Gero and Orob. You two have been AWESOME!!! I will be cutting pieces to construct an ABL Wind Tunnel for research purposes. I will post pictures when I get my pieces cut!!!