All set up! Time to Calibrate

Finished building my frame and rough sled. time to calibrate and cut out the final sled!!! I have limited space in my garage and wanted something that I can move out of the way if reeeeally necessary. I took the bolt together frame and modified it to mount directly to the stud wall dividing my garage in 2, this allowed me to remove the front legs from the design allowing my frame to float above the floor and hopefully avoid front leg issues discussed in other posts. I built a bolted frame for each stud 24" o.c. to have a stable platform, also bolted the top beam to each frame to reduce flex in the beam (probably overkill), I can unbolt each frames outriggers to allow me to swing the entire frame near flat against the wall (considered removable pins to speed up the process but decided against), I really don’t think I will ever do this but it allows me to reclaim the floor space!


Very nice! Look forward to seeing the first cuts.

Cool, very sturdy! You going to leave the chains slacked like that?

No, I currently have it set up per the instructions (may need adjusting as it looks like a lot of slack).but am looking into using the pulley counterweight method I have seen discussed.

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Yeah I highly recommend the pulley method.

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