Hello Maslow community

Just wanted to say hello :wave:t3:. I just finished my frame last week and cut my sled last Saturday.

My workshop is in my basement and I decided to hang my frame from the floor joists since they are much more level than the floor. Frame is most similar to the bolt together frame, but doesn’t need the rear supports since it’s attached at the top.

I’m using a 3d printed adapter and mount for my rigid shop vac from brendonr on thingiverse.

I’ve only cut the sled so far. It was about 3/16” too short in the y dimension. But I’ve been reading the many great calibration posts here so I have plenty of ideas to try. I think I’m first going to try an accurate measurement of my motor distance since that value has been 5mm different the two times I’ve run the pull tight measurement.

I’m excited to be a part of this community!


@johnboiles Looking good!

Thank you

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