Alternative mount for PC board (inspiration from md8n's Router Mounter be gone)

Alternative to mounting circuit board on router cooling vents. Inspiration taken from md8n’s

Router Mounter be gone

. His solution does not work with my router (power cable in the way).
I have a 240V DeWalt router which does not have the same ventilation pattern as the American version. I tried 3D printing the alternative but could not get it to fit in the router without breaking.
As an alternative I 3D printed a post which fitted into the hexagonal matrix on the top of the router clamp, in 2 parts.
The bottom part is glued into the matrix, then the top is screwed to it.
Then I modified the existing PCB mounting plate design by deleting the mounting lugs and adding a support across the bottom and 3D printed it.
This also allowed me to reverse the board orientation, so the power for the board comes out of the other side from the router power cable, enabling the power cable to point up. I looped the M4 power cable back underneath and zip tied to the power cable for the router.

How do I add photos?
Need 2 of these.
m4BaseSupport.stl (289.9 KB)
m4LegSupport.stl (415.1 KB)
m4TopPlate.stl (1.1 MB)

Thanks md8n for the inspiration and advice.
Anyone finds this useful feel free to use.


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Well I had already modified one of my routers so that the power cable went out sideways instead of straight up