Alternative to sold out z-axis setup

For anyone’s that’s looking I’ve got an alternative to the z-axis setup that’s working pretty well.


In like vein, I should be able to source this alternative z-axis at my end with a shorter lead time than the stock Z-axis option. Any opinions out there about if this would work? And if not why? Sorry if the question is too obvious, I’m rather new to the scene.

The problem you will have with that is that it’s a stepper motor, you would have to replace the stepper with a DC motor/encoder

@bar, since we have an extra h-bridge, we should add the ability to use two h-bridges to drive a stepper for the Z axis, there are just too many good z axis kits out there with built-in steppers. It doesn’t need to be a super efficient thing as you aren’t trying to drive the Z axis that fast.

I created to track the idea of
supporting a stepper-based Z axis.


Ah yes, the DC motor / encoder is the deal breaker…so much to remember. Hope your suggestion for driving the Z axis with a stepper works out eventually.

Yesterday I took delivery of my motors - thank you Hannah, they arrived safely, and I did a little dance whilst unboxing them ;¬)

I ordered four as I figured I’d try and use one for my Z-axis. Has anyone done this before? If it won’t work, then I have a spare set, possibly for my second Maslow.

I’ve not yet hooked it up to the ArdMaslow, and would be interested in peoples thoughts on whether it’ll work.

I’m aiming to complete my other motor mounts tomorrow and get the thing up and running. The excitment is building.



I think it will totally work! You will want to change the encoder resolution to match the other motors in your settings, but other than I think you should be good to go!

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That’s great news! I figured that if I could generate a z-axis that fixed to the router base, I can use it as a router lift in my router table also, thereby mitigating the need to perform contortionist manouvers under the router table ;¬) Focus is currently on the Maslow project, but aim to look at a vernier based digital adjustment for it somehow.
Cheers for the vote of confidence, always appreciated.
All the best,


I was struggling with the weight of the Trend and the size of my initial sled was way too small. I’ll persevere, but in the meantime have used a much bigger sled base and the Katsu router/trimmer spindle. I’m also using one of the same motors used for the chain drives, I’ve set the number of blips/per the same as the chain drives, but would value any input re this approach. The lead screw is about 1mm per rev, I think, will get measuring for greater precision.

For the record ATX PSU does not work. It keeps cutting out when both motors are pulling. What amperage PSU are people using? I’ll invest in one this weekend.


The stock supply is 5 amps. I know those ATX PSUs can be finicky so it might not be an issue of just the amount of current being drawn but also how noisy the load is or something similar


I think you are right on the mark, I don’t think they’ve been designed to tolerate much more than a USB fart!

where can one buy those brass “pullies” and rubber belts at?