Servo to nema adapter plate

I’m working on a new Z axis design using something like this. Does anyone know of a simple servo to nema 17 adapter that would support the current z axis motor?

I am mounting my spindle on a homemade z axis, more details in My take on a sled with no bricks and using a spindle lots of pictures

Looks great, but I’d like to keep it inside the envelope of the original router and direct drive as opposed to belt drive.

I think @Blsteinhauer88 put something very similar to that together

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I used the included Z axis motor mount that came with the kit. it mounted behind the new z slide and held the motor just above the shaft of the threaded rod. Then, the adapter that came with the new Z axis unit, I just needed to drill out the adapter to fit the z motor shaft then set screw it in. I will post a photo later of my progress.


No, there is no good way to drive a stepper from the maslow (the maslow isn’t
even a ‘servo’ interface, it’s a motor driver and encoder)

The good news is that you should be able to take that design and put a DC motor
with a gearbox in it’s place along with an encoder. The Maslow has the motor and
the encoder as one part, but there are a LOT of different encoders available
that you could easily put on the output shaft of the motor.

I have a z axis kit that came with my maslow. Will be removing the stepper and putting the included servo in its place. I think I found what I need… something like this.

Will post pictures when I get it together.

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that stepper in the link looks like a NEMA23 or even bigger.

If the guys in china have reasonable communication skills you could ask them to make this specific for servo use

Making an adapter plate should be relative easy as drilling a few holes in a piece of aluminium and tapping threads n them you just need to know the correct measurements and make sure the spindle axis is aligned

It is nema 17 and nema 23 ready. I could drill, but that adapter is clean and only $10. I did have the sell it to me without the motor, saved me $15.

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I don’t think that sparkfun motor mount will work. I looked at that one too, but the bolt pattern is 0.77 inches (19.58 mm) the maslow gearmotor is a 37mm motor, with a 31mm bolt spacing. I spent a little while looking for one, and even thought about mocking one up with openscad for 3d printing. I think the reason these may not exist is because the nema17 mount is 30 mm and the gearmotor mount is 31mm. If you screw such an adapter to the motor, the motor would block the holes in the actuator. At least that’s the way I’m envisioning it.


this cold be modified -

Thank you


Good point, unfortunately I’ve already ordered. I’ll have to see what it looks like when it shows up. @Bee a wade extruder gear set might also do the trick.

Since the Z axis is said to be to slow, this gear will speed things up a little as well.

Still 's a bit backwards to use an ‘expensive’ gearbox to slow it down and then add another set of gears to speed it up again. But if it works it works ofcourse…


Here are photos of my new z axis.


That looks good! I almost bought that exact same Z-axis, ended up going with a slightly more expensive thinner unit.

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I am dealing with the side to side torque on the unit as it will flex a bit. I think it is locked down now. The router is heavy. I may switch to the smaller ridgid for a spindle.

I ended up ordering one of these.

I think I can use a single flat board and an interlocked brace.

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I like that one better! You can anchor the base.


Will post results when I get it finally shows up :wink:


Looking good! I love the new sled :grinning:

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