Am I the only one that thinks they should reconsider selling the complete kits, just add like another $250 and hire someone!

I would pay more than they were charging for a complete bell and whistle kit… I thought after kickstarters most companies raise their prices anyways… let Maslow know you would pay more and post here… or don’t and pray you can find something similar for less than 5 to 10x the cost.


The last thing I want to do is sound critical of Bar or Hannah, the fine work they have done, and the great community they have created for us. I am concerned as well, and would very much like to see a single source for kits and parts. Whatever the course I will be happy to help if I can, however, I struggle to find time to use my maslow as is. Being able to come to one place and get what I need is important and the customer service provided by Hannah was second to none!


I for one would buy one or two of these kits off the bat and maybe more for friends. I would be willing to pay more if there was a one stop done deal kit. I see the store now has less on it. I do understand how they want to build things rather then run the company, maybe a business partner and a share of profits to help them fund more projects?


What is fun for you is not fun for everyone else.

And if you are of the group that would rather run a company than build things, I think you have a great future! I, for one, would warmly welcome your services and would likely buy stuff off you so I can spend more time building.

I have run companies throughout my life and, at the age of 50, still would rather do 1000 other things more! Being good at something is not the same a loving it. Bar & Hanna should be commended for being able to focus on what they love and shed what blocks them from it.

Their goal currently appears to be to found a community - they are doing exactly the best thing to do that by providing opportunities for others (Like yourself?).
As you implied, there will be others who will love taking over from them!

I’m just glad that they are stepping back before they burn out so that we get to keep their expertise and enthusiasm!


We all have to keep into perspective that a healthy community like this could simply have a topic in swap meet that combines all into a one stop shop even if it isn’t in a kit. The extra cost from shipping from different places obviously should not be an issue if the sentiment is “I’d rather pay more” Don’t get me wrong, read a few of my posts and you’ll know I can use as many rough edges smoothed as possible. However, if we have a checklist and a place to link to all of it then we can make it happen relatively systematically. If we can’t make it through this hurdle then we will be hard pressed to learn and run the thing. The other side of the coin: Yes margins are so far from other machines’ price points that hopefully Bar & Hannah can prosper + hire if the original costomer perspective remained in tact (except possibly the dirt cheap original cost) :bow_and_arrow:
Thank God Bar & Hannah are free to do whatever they desire!


adding another $250 would make it un-competative with other DIY CNC machines like the
The whole appeal of maslow is it is slightly cheaper than alternatives and takes up less space than a flat table setup.

I don’t think by much… I haven’t priced the stainless rails but for just their stuff that they sell leaving out the cost of the router and wood for tables. The example given is 464 out of the gate plus stainless steel rails. But some want the space. For a 4x8 sheet and the other guy you need 4x the floor space. This idea was genius from a hobbyist point of view. Basically a wall in your garage or a car space? Even if it has flaws. What router doesn’t. I even get chips most times on my 6x10 Gerber at work…

one can hinge the low rider to a wall so it folds down if you really need the space… Personally I think it looks more accurate. I’m working on one. hopefully can make a comparison video. steel tubes are cheap, you really don’t 'need stainless


Please let us know how it goes!

I’m open for this option, but with links to suppliers for ALL of the parts from the kit.
Not everyone that comes into the community is starting from a “maker” mindset or even a “DIY” perspective. and this could be an amazing onramp for people to get there.


Right you are, @CNCDon!
This seems to be a very achievable project for someone with little experience - if pieces like the H-bridge are done for you - and people are stepping in to meet those needs (Thanks @Bee!).

Now mine isn’t running yet, so maybe the calibration becomes more than I foresee, but I think the support culture of this community is an outstanding place for a new maker!

Absolutely! Yes, as systematic as it can be!


I see, you thought I was saying not everything in the kit… I’m saying even if it doesn’t all come as a kit (that the links for all of the products are there).
Sorry for the confusion.

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