Refund resolved

I was told i would get a refund and have not yet been givin one…its been days since u last sent a email. I want my money and your very unprofessional for not responding

Sorry for the delay. Hannah and I have both been away. She is helping her mother move and I was at maker faire. We will get you your refund ASAP.

I’m guessing you have been emailing with Hannah. Can you help me to better understand why you are unhappy? Since Maslow is a kit we can’t really send your parts to anyone else which makes refunds really expensive for the project. We would much rather simply not sell machines to people who will be unhappy with them in the first place. What could we have done to make you not buy one?


@richard_surprize Sorry for the confusion, I just saw your messages in this thread:

Hannah usually handles all the money things but I think I can do this :+1: I’m on it right now

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I wanted to buy the kit but i ordered everything seperately cause i didnt aee the kit on the page. I have the difference to purchase the kit if there is a way to do it without the refund … I really want to ordervthe kit
Ty lmk

M. Richard

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Ok just recieves the refund. Email…when it hits the bank…can i still order the kit this time? Do you still have them available

M. Richard

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On my phone it doesnt show them on ur site but on my computer it shows them?

M. Richard

We do still have them. We bought as many parts as we could for this batch so I don’t expect to run out for another month at least. If someone buys them all tomorrow or something wild like that I promise we will still get you one. We’ve got a few set aside in case one gets lost in the mail or something like this comes up :+1:


It is customer service like this that inspires brand loyalty. If only more businesses were this great!