An Almost Very Bad Day...Sled takes a spill

I put this in this category for a reason…

I had my sled on a seat bench next to me as I worked on changing the bit in the router. When I got up, the sled went down. I had taken the router out to change the bit so when the sled fell (tipped over off the bench), it landed on the top of the Z-Axis motor. It looked ok, but when I went to try to use it… nada. The black plastic top came off fairly easily and I took some pictures of the damage in the inside. I think it hit on a side of the top and one side of the pcb went in and the other came out. I am very hopeful that the problem is just that one of the motor leads is broke off from the solder joint (you can see it in the first picture). My eyesight is not as good as it used to be so I’m breaking out my usb microscope and some brew.



And I used a flat head screw driver to try to get the PCB back level and it “popped” into place. Hooked it up and WHAM! it worked!!! Whew…


Glad that got it going.

Thank you

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Not anywhere near as glad as I am. I was about to spiral into utter despair.


The same thing happened to me, but was not so fortunate. So now I have backup for every piece of hardware, purchased over a few months. All motors, cables, pcb, and mega… would buld another, but I think my wife would blow a gasket. She can hardly park, as is :exploding_head: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Holy damn I’m so glad your motor’s okay. I had a close call like that last week. It was still painfully cold out and I was bringing in my sled from the trailer to swap parts over to the new test sled (with all the holes drilled for all the linkages). I lost my footing in the snow and slipped, dropping my ~40 lb sled with all the parts still attached. I was relieved when it landed on the bottom face and not the top where sensitive motors and such were :disappointed_relieved:. My hip still has a huge bruise where I landed on the pavement, though.


I’m curious as to what “popped” back in place and why it didn’t work when it wasn’t. hard to imagine its an electrical connection. But considering it is working… I try not to even glance at it in fear it might get upset.