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Another limit to change

I got this message:

Heads up: We send a maximum of 100 daily emails. Check the site to see the ones that might be held back. PS thanks for being popular!

can we please bump up this limit (a lot!!) I like to read things in ‘mailing list’ mode where all the posts just show up in my e-mail and I reply directly.

I did miss a bunch of messages in various topics, hunting them down manually is a pain.

please increase the limit :slight_smile:

I’m used to >1000 messages a day from various mailing lists, and if someone signs up for too many things in mailing list mode, they can unsubscribe pretty easily (there’s an unsubscribe link in every e-mail sent)

Increased to 200. I’ll want to talk this over with Bar before we go too high (or set it to unlimited). I’m not sure what service/cost is associated with the domain.

If you need a new email service. I suggest mailgun.
It’s a ran by rackspace and you get 10,000 emails a month for free plans. That also have good pricing.

Just a thought. With sending this many emails. You might get blacklisted. So a smtp service like this would be a wise decision.

I’ll point out that sending the posts in e-mail takes less bandwidth and server
resources than reading them all online (not to mention the checks for new posts
when none have arrived :slight_smile: )

yes, anytime you send out e-mail, there is a risk that someone will mark it as
spam instead of unsubscribing.

In my case that’s not a problem, I run my own mail system.

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After a very busy day, we are running into the 200 post limit.

I just set this to “unlimited”. The only concern I would have is a spam attack. We’ve been lucky/good to not have this problem so far. I’ll keep an eye on it, but that limit shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

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how do you get a digest of all emails of this forum again? I know @dlang has done it.

I don’t get them as a digest, I get each individual post as an e-mail

I set it up a long time ago, but it’s in the user settings.

David Lang