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Can we tweak the limit of no more than three posts in a row


There is currently a limit of no more than three posts in a row from one person.

While I agree that we want limits to prevent spam, these cause problems for me in a couple different ways

  1. when I reply via e-mail, if I reply three times to a thread without someone else posting in the meantime, I get a bounce message several minutes after the reply.

  2. on a topic like the “in search of accuracy” where someone is developing something and has multiple posts over time providing updates, if others don’t reply, the person doing the ongoing development can’t continue to post updates.

can we either lift this limit for some people (possibly create a new category of users for those who have posted a lot over tie)

or make the limit be no more than X posts in Y time (so that after a few hours or a day additional posts can be made)


Agreed. I second the motion.


Noted and I upped the limit to 5 in a row. Let me know if you are still running into that limit.