Another source for chain

I ordered from, definitely cheaper than McMaster. Oddly enoughI ordered 1 roll of 10 feet of chain and 3 master links…they sent me 3 rolls of chain and 1 master link by mistake.

I’ve ordered from them before, good to work with.

just about any place is cheaper than mcmaster, but you might spend an extra hr looking for all the parts. that’s how well organized mcmasters’ web site it. ebay had stainless #25 chain, worth double the price IMHO.

The Maslow store says the chain is 11 foot length…is that correct? Commercial products are sold in 10’ lengths. Do we need 11’ to reach the bottom middle of the frame?


if you want to cut a whole 4x8 sheet at once yes see below

some people are using a longer top cross piece too for improved corner accuracy, in that case you will need even longer 14’ chains (i have extra if needed, see swap meet post)

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I had emailed about their chains (which version has solid bushings vs. split bushings) and about the ability to provide 13-foot chains… they ignored me. I was rather disappointed since they seem to have some nice quality chain available.

I’m not sure you can get odd length chain? I’ll be splitting a 50’ roll with @Jay_Settle so we will each have 12.5’ per side. We can add links as needed.