Additional Chain Length

One of my machines is going to be used to cut full 4’x8’ sheets at the very extents so I am finding that I am needing to add wings to hold the sled as it gets near the edge. I have also noticed that I am basically running out of chain, is there a simple way to add just 1’ of chain to both sides?


The chain should be long enough to reach the bottom corners, you can get master
links and chain to add more length if needed.

if you are doing a lot of work in the bottom corners, you may want to move to a
12’ top beam (after testing if it’s good enough as-is)

David Lang

Do you know if a master link comes with the chain kit from maslow? I guess @bar would be the one to ask if I could get an extra chain with 2 master links.

Also, I do not plan on doing a ton in the corners but basically I am cutting 1 sheet into a design and it is for a stage prop so perfection isn’t necessary it just need to be relatively good.

The reason I asked about adding more is the last time that I went all the way to a corner it pulled the tension sprocket into the nail holding the end of the chain. That’s why I assumed that just adding 8" to 12" would fix that problem and give me ample room in the corners.


Each of the chains in the beta kit came with a master link. I’ve bought chain elsewhere since, and it too came with one. A #25 roller chain master link should be easy and relatively cheap to get online, as well.

order from e-bay
something like

Awesome, thanks!

Thanks for the link, that is very helpful!

Yes! Each chain comes with an extra master link that you don’t need unless you want to extend the chains :grinning:

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