Laser cut 14' metal bar and 14' chains

Since they are sold out at Metal Maslow and wont be restocked, does anyone have one of their bars for sale and the longer chain set? Want to set up for full plywood sheet cutting. Please leave a response or a private message. Will purchase immediately.

I would be interested in the same. Thanks!

After a little research I think the easest and cheepest way to deal with the chains is to buy10’ and a couple master links from Amazon, cut what you need and add it on. even if you need to buy a chain breaker.

there was nothing special about the metal top beam, you can just buy a 2x6" x 12’ long piece of lumber and use that. the idea was for people to share their calibration data since each one was identical, but no one ever did that. we still sell the longer chains on our website if you want those.

The reason im looking for the metal bar is cause im disabled, and right now im not going into a lumber store for a piece of wood. I can order it and pick it up, but that is so spotty. Ive even called ahead and asked them to make sure its straight, and I still get lumber warped. So that is why I was looking for it. No chance on it being warped. And I asked about chains cause I figure if they have the metal, they may have the chains too to get rid of. 2 birds, one stone. Ill keep waiting. If no one responds with one for sale ill have to take my chaces and make them give me a straight one before I leave the parking lot.

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