Any Maslow for sale in UK?

Just what the title says really. Anyone got one for sale in the uk?

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Welcome to our group. I’m in the US. I’ve been to UK a few times. What area of the UK are you?

Thank you

Hi Brandon,

Thanks for getting back to me. I’m in Folkestone, Kent. An hour from London on the coast.


I’ve been all over but mostly make a pilgrimage to Padstow for May Day when I can. I have a mate that relocated from the states to Dorset. Spent a day in Kent once.

Good to know you

Thank you

what do you use Maslow for?

I am hoping to use it support my carpentry and also support other artists in my local area.


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I am also in the UK (London) and thinking of purchasing one.

I think I may have a crack at the frame first.

Router in mind -

£70 ($100)


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Can the fine adjustment be locker to the base?
Otherwise the z-motor can push the bit out of the workpiece but not pull it in.
It’s not clear in the picture.

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Hi Gero,

Good points :blush: I am catching-up on all of the forum posts. As I have a 3d-printer I read this:-

So may go for this router:-

Anyway - any maslow for sale in the UK, I am also interested.


I just bit the bullet and bought from the states.
bmsleight - where are you? did you get hold of one?

did you get on to the uk?

I have one for sale in the UK Maslow for sale completed kit (London UK)