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UK Maslow for sale

I’m considering selling my entire machine including all the motors, chains, wooden frame, arduino/controller plus a backup arduino controller, the branded sled, Bosch router with z axis installed.

It all works but recently find myself with no time to calibrate it and play with it.

Literally the entire machine is ready to go. I do have a van and able to deliver within 30 miles of Loughborough UK.

Open to offers.

How much are you looking for?

Hello, I don’t really know what it’s worth to be honest. I’d be open to an offer.

I wish I had waited I literally just ordered one two days ago

Oh no, how annoying!

You should stick with it and get it calibrated

Hey, have you sold your kit? I really only wanted to buy the electronic and build the rest to my own spec but could be interested depending on price.

Hey, it is still for sale. I’d be open to an offer. The router with z axis, chains etc, Maslow made sled, two computers etc it’s all there and works. We have modded the Bosch router wit the z axis kit.

I’m interested, just sent you a pm.

Trust my luck to be at the bottom of the country otherwise I would have it off your hands also.

Sorry for my late reply, I literally had no idea these went straight in to my spam folder!

Chris what part of the country are you? I am all over the country at the moment delivering our systems.

Is this still available and what is your price please.
I am able to collect. I live in Burton on Trent…

Hello, I have the complete kit still available. You’d just need to build the frame. We have now moved to Cornwall but my partner is travelling up to Notts this weekend. Open to a serious offer.

Comes with
Modified Bosch router with z axis kit
Branded sled from maslow
Main arduino x 2
Motors and cables
All ready to go.

Many thanks