Full kit available in the UK (Now Sold)


I have a full Maslow kit available for sale in the UK. It came over in the July shipment period
and includes the Z axis. I also have a brand new Bosch POF 1400 ACE Router which I have
already fitted the Z axis lead screw, although not fitted the Z servo motor as it wouldn’t fit back
into the case. I have the 3d printed mount for it however.

I have just come to the point that I realise that I am just not going to get around to building this thing.
I have got as far as opening the box to confirm the contents and thats it. If you are interested drop me a line.

It has the ring kit as well.


Hi Gaz
Is it still available and if so how much.


Hi Terry,

Yes it’s still available, With the router I am thinking somewhere around the £450 mark.
Where are you based?



Hi Gary
Just got bogged down in work at the moment.
I will come back to you in the next few days.


Hi, is this still available. If so, where in the country are you? Interested in purchasing straightaway.
Many thanks.

Yes it is still available. I am just a couple of miles south of Oxford.

Hi Gary, only just seen this. How can we work this? I live in Devon and it seems a bit pointless to drive up to Oxford to pick it up since you can’t demonstrate it working.
Could you tell me exactly what is for sale? And whether basically everything is there to get going? Or what crucial thing might be missing?
Brent 07980 122 336

Hi Brent,
It’s the full kit as shipped in from the folks at Maslow in July last year and includes the Z axis.
I have also bought the Bosch POF 1400 ACE Router and fitted the lead screw in in preparation of fitting the Z Axis servo motor the 3D printed mount for this is included as I got that from one of our fellow Maslovians on this forum.
You will need to buy wood and make the frame. A couple of Bricks for the weights and I guess your flavour of cutting bit.

I am not home right now but will be back at the weekend so I could get it up on e bay with piccies if that would help, I keep meaning to do it.

I bought the kit so I could fit out a VW Campervan but have ended buying one already fitted out so don’t really need to get it put together now.

As far as I know it is all complete ready for a build.

Hi Gary,
Sounds great.
No, I don’t need pictures - contemplating driving up this weekend if the weather isnt too bad. When could you be free on the weekend?
You mention you bought it July of last year but in the original post you said this year - so I presume this year?
Any idea on final cost? I’ll bring cash.
Do you have a contact number?
Cheers Brent

Hi Brent,
Yes sorry, it was indeed July this year (2018).
I am not back from my travels until Sunday afternoon i’m afraid.
I am looking for £450 for the lot. I’ll text you a number as this is a
public forum and I can do without PPI calls :wink:



Fair enough. I’ll wait to hear from you.

I could come up during the week late next week or weekend if that works for you.

Hi Brent,
Sounds good to me

Hi Brent this is the unistrut supplier i used for the pieces I gave you earlier: https://www.directchannel.uk.com/unistrut-type-channel-and-accessories

If you need some more items, this site here is a good place to get Strut Channel