Any Maslow setups in Utah

Hey Guys,

I’ve been checking out this site for quite awhile now. I think I’m about to pull the trigger. I just moved to Utah after being stationed in South Korea for the past year. If there are any Maslowians here in Utah, I would love to see your setup. It would definitely help to get the right foot forward, rather than just diving in blind. Thanks.


Hi Tim,

There are definitely a few tagged here (link taken from this thread)

I have one if you want to see it working. Eagle mountain.

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I am in Davis County and have a M2. You are welcome to come by as well.

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Thanks for the offer, both of you. I’m also in Davis county, on base, so maybe we can set up a time to see your machine. I found one for purchase locally, so I’m going to grab it Saturday before anyone else does. I’m super excited to start messing with it…but I know nothing about gcode. So I’m sure I will have tons of questions.