Apple hardware q

Do you guys think that an Imac running Apple osx 10.5.1will be able to handle mater control? The computer I am thinking about is from 2006.

The question is whether the GroundControl program will run on that version operating system. You could try it, download the current release and see. Let us know how you fare.

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We fielded this a while back. The minimum OS is 10.9 to support Kivy the GUI we are running on. So no this will not run. You could do 2 things. 1 you could try to load Windows 10 on that.

Or head over to my site:

Sign up - it’s free. In the files download section I have a Linux for USB stick you could try. It works on newer models of the mac and a good chance it will work on yours. You need a 1gb USB or larger.

I also maintain a “Total Pack” download file that is the latest Firmware and Ground Control in 1 download for everyone. When the Software is updated so is the Total Pack download.

Thank you