Archie's first cut

Just noticed there is a special thread for this :grimacing:

Took a few weeks, but finally felt my machine could make it through a project without messing up so decided to make a simple pad/pocket yin yang for my test run. Prior to starting, I took all the chains off and went through full calibration again (recently moved my chain up one link so needed to anyway). The final result wasn’t what I was expecting, but that’s due to my lack of knowledge/experience, not a deficiency of Maslow so I consider it a success. :blush:

Got some info from FreeCad forum. It seems that program is known to have trouble with ellipses so it could be that my b-spline curve caused the incorrect path. Guess I have to change my design to two half-circles and try again.

Edit: Changed wave from b-spline to two arcs and it looks good now

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I would still want to have it make a pass along the perimeters of the curves, otherwise it is going to have a jagged edge (cuts by a round bit next to each other are not going to end up making a smooth edge

Thank you, I did almost forget about that. Currently in process of adding contour paths around edges in hopes it will clean them up.

Edit: How does this look? (16.9 KB)

Trying to run new file now but it seems to just be sitting idle. Ground Control is showing my image on screen and when I pressed play, Maslow moved to edge of piece, but since then has done nothing. I see percentage has moved slightly so wondering if I somehow programmed it to do nothing for awhile?

Edit: It looks like it might have progressed a tiny bit along perimeter, but my z axis is still at traverse. I tested it 3 times before starting so believe it’s functional and not the issue

what feed rate did you set? if there isn’t one set, the default is unusably

please post the g-code so we can see what you are trying to cut.

David Lang

Here is the file: (17.2 KB)

Edit: Going to try again with feed rate set to 40

-Slowed feed to 25 :crossed_fingers:

-Looks like I only changed stepdown depth on contour so bit was most likely plunging too far on pads causing the resistance and fault

-Getting closer:

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Got in to the settings a bit more last night and was able to make some better paths. I ended up having to stop the run bc my depths were off and cut through piece. All my issues now are operator error.

I am wasting SO much time with my z axis going up and down between every mm pass. Guessing that has to do with travel height? Def want it doing that when clearing raised part, but why every time?

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many CAM programs generate very inefficient g-code, google for g-code optimizer
and run your code through one of the ones you find and see if it speeds things

David Lang

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Great, I’ll give that a try